Witch. Boozehound. Leatherman. Notary Public.

Blanton 3

Thomas/Thumper (a.k.a. Marjorie; long story) is a scheduler and freelance writer by day, and a sales clerk at the Montrose Forge (a leather and fetishwear shop inside Ripcord, Houston’s oldest gay bar) by night. The current president of Misfits Houston, he enjoys railing against privilege, practicing British Traditional Wicca, updating his social media during 12-Step meetings, and writing blurbs about himself in third person.

Most recently, Thomas traveled to Chicago to compete in the 2018 International Mr. Leather contest as Mr. Firedancer Dallas, a title he unexpectedly won a couple of years ago. He placed fairly high at IML and is still not quite sure how that happened, but he’ll take it.