gd-geomancyOkay, so I don’t actually practice haurspicy, nor do I have any idea why I think it’s funny to talk about sheep livers all the damn time. I do, however, practice geomancy, which can be just as accurate, but with a lot less blood. Usually.

Geomancy is a binary system of divination that offers insight into the probable outcome of any given situation. A question is asked, and then random numbers are generated (traditionally by making marks in sand or on paper, but dice and playing cards work well, too). These numbers are broken down to even and odd, represented by two dots or one dot, arranged into a series of figures, and plugged into an astrological chart. It’s the only system of divination at which I’ve ever displayed any proficiency, so I hold it in unreasonably high esteem.

I’ve read semi-professionally a couple of times in the past, but I haven’t given regular readings in quite awhile and would love to shake the sand off. (Get it?! Ha! Geomancy jokes are the best.) If you’d like a complimentary reading, just click on the bronze sheep liver below, and I will get to prognosticating. Geomancy tends to produce the clearest answers to questions that start with, “What would happen if…” or “What would be the result of…” but if you just want a general reading, I’ll be happy to bang out that chart as well.piacenza31